I-Honor Jewelry for Women

Honor the people you admire, love and respect by designing jewelry to symbolize their important character traits. Colors represent the traits - you select them. If you wear it, you can tell about someone you admire. If you gift it, you can tell someone why you admire them.

Each item is handcrafted in the USA with 3-5 pieces of stained glass fused at about 1,400 fahrenheit. What you design our Master Craftsmen will make and ship within 5 days.
The necklace chains are 18" rhodium plate and adjustable to 20". Bracelet chains are 7" adjustable to 8". Necklace pendants are approximately 1.25" on the long dimension, bracelet centers and earring dangles are approximately 1" on the long dimension.

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Step 1 - Pick An Accessory

necklace chain



bracelet chain and clasp